One Day Planner is an informative type of website


One Day Planner is an informative type of website and it doesn’t support any type of booking activities.

Our website provides different information for tourists, individuals or groups, about tourist destinations, places, and things.
If you want to make a reservation or contact, we recommend you to call or visit the service provider. The contact information you can find on our website.In case that you can only send an email, expect a few days to receive the answer. The common reason is that they are receiving a lot of emails. Please be patient!

Search by preferences – find activities or events by personal preferences  (explorers, relaxers, adventurers, sightseers) and place to stay .

Every type of preferences has already added activities:

a) Explorers – people in this role dislike monotony, and often feel tempted to stray from obligations in favor of entertaining new things. Enjoy being free of obligations, search for new experiences: trips, yachting and cruising, national parks, walking (city) tours and so on. If you find yourself in this, explore it.

b) Relaxers – take a look at the places that make you melt away, go-to chill-out. Don’t make things too complicated. Try to relax, enjoy every moment, get used to everything. It is nice to find a place where you can just go and relax: Gastro places (restaurants, traditional food), bars, pubs, clubs, health and beauty treatments, shops, cultural institutions, and aquariums.

c) Adventurers – riskier behaviors like gambling and extreme sports are more common with this personality type than with others. Fortunately, their attunement to the moment and their environment allows them to do better than most. Also, they enjoy connecting with others and have a certain irresistible charm. Take a risk and search for your activity: adrenaline activities, water sports, bungee, paragliding, off-road drivings and so on.

d) Sightseers – this type of persons are constantly on the move, visiting interesting places and staying one day or less searching for things, like Gastro places (restaurants, traditional food), bars, pubs, clubs, health and beauty treatments, shops, walking tours. This category is made for sailors and people from cruise ships.

e) Where to stay – is the category for people who need the accommodation in town.


The search box (What are you looking for?)here you can write what is on your mind, e.g. restaurants, watersports, cruising and yachting, the name of trips, parks, barsclubs and so on. Then put your current location. We recommend pressing the icon for the location to locate you and press search.

a) When the system shows your activities in the area, you can regulate the distance from your location and after that, choose the icon fewer filters to find out what you like, by type or feature.

b) Combine different activities from the other categories and put them on the list all together.

City Guide, Gps Info – Dear users, some of the locations on maps don’t have an available address, like street number or name of the street (example: fortress…). The way to find things that you search for we recommend using Gps coordinates, the way how to use and put them in search (address) bar of maps is described here : In search (address) bar of maps you need to put numbers (gps coordinates), without letters and commas: Good: 42.392946 18.532970  Wrong: N42.392946, E18.532970